As one of the first law firms in the world to use artificial intelligence (AI) tools in our practice, LTL has been in the forefront in this growing and emerging market.

Our practice group members have the background and experience to effectively handle matters involving AI and cognitive computing related issues and disputes.  Each member of our team has experience with a leading AI system (development and use) and understands its strengths and limitations as applied to various applications.  Our members are frequent lecturers, speakers, and commentators on the many legal and business issues that this new area brings.  For example, our members have spoken/lectured/written on the topic of AI at several events: podcast on AI (; UN ITU conference (Busan, South Korea); the MCCA G-Tech Conference (San Francisco), Boalt Hall Law School Technology Journal AI presentation (UC Berkeley); the APABA-SV Regional Conference (Santa Clara); IAKL Annual Conference (Seoul, South Korea).

We currently advise clients on AI and cognitive computer issues as they relate to litigation issues in commercial transactions, employment, and intellectual property.  We provide counseling and litigation support with all facets of AI and cognitive computing related issues during the critical phase of development, integration and deployment for our clients.

We believe that litigation involving AI, in its many forms and applications, is inevitable.  In particular, some areas may include:

  • Commercial disputes involving failed implementation of AI systems and applications at the enterprise level
  • Disputes arising out of an AI program’s seemingly “biased” results/recommendations
  • Disputes arising out of an AI program’s incomplete or faulty results
  • Cybersecurity issues
  • Ethical concerns
  • IP disputes

LTL is well-positioned to assist clients with the above issues.  For more information or if your company seeks a free seminar on artificial intelligence, please contact LTL.