Firm Finishes 2010 With a Perfect Record

Los Angeles, CA — January 2010

I. A Perfect 2010: LTL Finishes Undefeated in Trials and Appeals

In 2010, LTL achieved excellent results for its clients at trial and arbitration. In the last 12 months, LTL tried six cases through trial or arbitration—winning four of them (with the last two still under submission). The most significant victory in 2010 was where LTL defeated an $18 million claim brought against LTL’s client.

However, victories at trial may be meaningless if they are not defended on appeal. In the past year, LTL briefed and argued five appeals, including three in the Ninth Circuit. LTL has won four of the five appeals (with the fifth currently under submission).

According to LTL partner K. Luan Tran: “In litigation, it is hard to have a ‘perfect’ record. 2010 was unusual in the sense that LTL won every single trial or arbitration and every single appeal, including two instances where LTL substituted in for the appeal after another firm had lost the case below. We are looking forward to replicating this feat in 2011, which will be starting off with a bang—LTL already has two jury trials scheduled to start in the first week of January.”

Indeed, right before Thanksgiving, a LTL associate won another trial. Just a few months after joining LTL, Caleb Liang tried a two-week bench trial, as the “first chair,”, against a seasoned trial lawyer. The Court found liability and awarded LTL’s client 90% of the damages requested by Mr. Liang. Just as important for LTL’s client, the Court also awarded full attorneys’ fees and costs.

According to partner James Lee: “Because every single one of our associates has been a ‘first chair’ trial lawyer, they have an excellent understanding of litigation’s ‘end game.’ Knowing what will ultimately matter at trial is invaluable and gives our associates a clear edge in preparing a case for trial, including during the discovery process.”

II. LTL in the News

In a recent edition of the Daily Journal, LTL’s client Thomas McKeever, General Counsel of Actuate Corporation, was interviewed. In the interview, Mr. McKeever discussed why he has retained LTL to litigate 75% of Actuate’s currently active litigation matters.

“Different cases are different shapes and sizes, and you need to find the right lawyers for those particular jobs. In the case of Lee Tran & Liang . . ., I have a lot of . . . cases around half a million dollars or around a million dollars in potential damages that I just don’t think are economical to bring to the larger firms. They’re a young, hungry firm, a spin-out of a very good Los Angeles firm. . . . They are flexible about working with me to find a way to manage expenses and matching expenses with revenue. . . . ”

-Daily Journal, Dec. 7, 2010