Firm Argues and Wins 9th Circuit Appeal on behalf of The Elvis Presley Estates

Los Angeles, CA — January 2010

LTL recently won an appeal before the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on behalf of the Elvis Presley Estates. Circuit Judges Pamela Rymer, Andrew Kleinfeld, and Barry Silverman, in a 3-0 decision, agreed with LTL that defendants had committed fraudulent conveyance to avoid a multi-million copyright judgment. Defendants retained several major law firms, which filed numerous appellate motions, all of which were denied by the Ninth Circuit. The oral argument can be heard here. [9th Circuit Oral Argument ].

Partner K. Luan Tran, who briefed and argued the appeal, stated the following: “We are extremely pleased that, after reviewing our supporting evidence, the Ninth Circuit has confirmed that the defendants fraudulently dissipated their assets in an effort to avoid the $3+ million judgment the clients obtained below.” He added: “We are determined to aggressively pursue every avenue possible to execute the judgment.”

LTL has also filed a separate lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court to go after defendants’ co-conspirators in the fraudulent conveyance.