LTL Attorneys specializes in co-founder, shareholder and corporate governance disputes.

These disputes include shareholder litigation, entity control disputes, and challenges to mergers and other strategic transactions. Our attorneys have successfully handled cases on both the plaintiff and defense sides, including derivative and class actions, takeover battles, proxy contests, founder disputes, and disputes between stockholders. In its latest high-profile case, LTL obtained over $150 million for ousted Snapchat co-founder, Reginald Brown.

Unlike other firms, our attorneys approach these cases as trial lawyers from the beginning. We focus on developing the best possible roadmap to win at trial, even if settlement is the ultimate goal. Our attorneys have a unique perspective as they represent both plaintiffs and defendants in these types of cases. We prioritize building a strong factual record and developing a consistent narrative for their clients, which increases the chances of success at trial or achieving a favorable settlement.

More importantly, several of our attorneys have been company founders/co-founders themselves, so they understand the particular dynamics involved in these cases.

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