Significant Recovery For Client in Bad Faith Insurance Case

Los Angeles, CA — January 2010

On behalf of a multinational corporation, the Firm recently obtained a confidential settlement against a leading insurance company for a bad faith denial of insurance benefits in connection to the defense and damages of a trademark infringement action. After a large national law firm referred this case to Lee & Tran, the Firm filed suit and conducted aggressive discovery of defendant. This included depositions of various claim adjusters, and the propounding of extensive written discovery. The Firm also hired the nation’s foremost author and expert on the legal issues in dispute. After the Firm prevailed on a motion to compel, the insurance company was forced to produce documents that demonstrated the extent of the bad faith denial of insurance benefits. A few days after producing these documents, the defendant asked to settle the matter on confidential terms and paid a settlement amount that represented more than the compensatory damages suffered by the Firm’s client, in addition to attorney’s fees.