LTL kicks off 2011 with two more victories and continues to build on its perfect 2010 trial record.

Los Angeles, CA – January 2011 — January 2011

LTL kicks off 2011 with two more victories and continues to build on its perfect 2010 trial record.

I. LTL Successfully Defends Client Against Wrongful Termination Claims

LTL prevails in yet another employment dispute for its client, Hana Financial, Inc.

Firm partner K. Luan Tran and associate Daniel Yu defended Hana Financial against a wrongful termination lawsuit brought by a former employee. The arbitration was heard by the Honorable Jon Mayoda (Ret.) of JAMS over a four day hearing.

The Plaintiff, a former employee of Hana Financial, brought a wrongful termination lawsuit under various causes of action. After conducting necessary discovery, LTL attorneys put forth a solid case, exposing key inconsistencies in Plaintiff’s own testimony and obtaining supporting evidence and testimony from other current and past employees of LTL’s client. After careful consideration, Hon. Mayoda found in favor of LTL and its client on all causes of action, ruling that plaintiff take “nothing on her claims.”

“We are very pleased with the outcome of this case,” said partner K Luan Tran, “and we will continue to vigorously represent our clients by preparing thoroughly and dissecting our opponents’ cases with the utmost attention to detail.” This case marks the second straight defense victory in an employment arbitration for LTL on behalf of Hana Financial, Inc.

II. LTL Successfully Defends Client against Fraud Claims

LTL prevails against a fraud claim brought against its client in bankruptcy court.

Partner James Lee led the defense of LTL’s client against a complaint for non-dischargeability in bankruptcy filed by an aggrieved joint venture partner. Plaintiff claimed that LTL’s client had fraudulently induced him to invest in several commercial real estate projects and loans and asserted claims for fraud, false pretenses, false representations, and breach of fiduciary duty. The matter was tried in front of Chief Judge Barry Russell, US Bankruptcy Court, Central District of California (Los Angeles) on November 30, 2010.

LTL partner James Lee vigorously defended LTL’s client. Through effective cross-examination of the Plaintiff, Mr. Lee demonstrated to the Court that Plaintiff had failed to meet its burden of proof of fraud, false pretense, and false representations by LTL’s client. The matter is currently on appeals with the Bankruptcy Appeals Panel (BAP).